Todd Moore and Oscar Santana pick their favorite apps every show.

Here is the full list from every show:

1. Pulse News Reader, TD Ameritrade Mobile

2. Last Pass, Flash Light

3. Photosynth, HBO Go

4. Osmos, World of Goo, War Pinball HD, Angry Birds Rio

5. VirtualDJ Home, CardStar

6. Path, PS Mobile, Nike+ GPS

7. iMapMyRide, Rush Hour, and The Heist

8. djay, Flight Record

9. Taxi Magic, AirFoil

10. Pocket’s Pie, DC Route

11. Hey Tell and Parking Panda

12. Spotify for iPhone and Big O and Dukes for Android

13. Instagram and Where’s my Water?

14. Jimmy Kimmel Live & Waze GPS & traffic

15. Facebook and Soundboard for iPad

16. Lose It! and Find My Friends

17. Twitter Stream HD and Google Translate

18. Meetup and Adam Carolla Official App

19. AOL Radio and Happy Hours

20. APP SHOW WINNERS – Last Pass, Waze

21. Red Box and Vintage Cam

22. Stuck on Earth, and Zillow Mortgage Marketplace

23. Temple Run and GasBuddy

24. Blocks Classic, EZ Word Cheats

25. Fast Typer and Park Mobile

26. Yelp and something you just won’t believe (Tiffanies app)

27. Evernote and Speedtest

28. Foodspotting and Dominos Pizza

29. VLC 2.0 and HandBase

30. APP SHOW WINNERS – Evernote

41. Gender Gap and Motorbike

42. Facebook Camera and MailChimp

43. Viggle and My XBox Live

44. Nest Mobile and The Night Sky

45. Podcasts, GrubHub, and NOAA HiDef Radar

46. Vinyl Love, I’d Cap That, and PaperKarma

47. Fez, Flow, and Matching with Friends

48. Tiny Wings HD, NBC Olympics, and Twizgrid – Twitter Photo App

49. Spa Now and AutoRap


51. Sleep Talk Recorder and National Parks by Nat Geo

52. Scramble with friends, Madden NFL12

53. TMOS and 360 Panorama

54. Field Runners 2 and Google Drive

55.Top Charts and Battery Doctor +

56. Bing and The Simpsons

57. Activation Anthology and Bad Piggies

58. Reminders and Solar Walk

59. IMBscan & Untapped

60. APP SHOW WINNERS: NOAA Hi-Def radarPaperKarmaI’d Cap That

61. Letterpress Word Game and Amtrak

62. Speek.com and RecipeDistiller

63. NFL Mobile and FitBit

64. IntoNow and SongPop

65. Google Maps and Ski Safari

66. Amazon Mobile & Magic Piano

67. System Console and Icon Pop Quiz

68. Task Paper & Vivino

69. Temple Run 2 and Scout Mob

70. App Thunderdome (51-60) – Winners: Solar Walk, Sleep Talk Recorder

71. Vine, GifBoom, and Ingres

72. What’s the Word and Live Wallpaper

73. LoopNet and Magic Window

74. HootSuite and 94 seconds

75. Radio.com, Notepad++, Temple Run Oz

76. Sweet Green, Feedly, Recipe Search.

77. Fart Cushion, Learn Chinese – Mandarin phrase book for traveling, Pic Stitch

78. Car2Go, Text Wrangler, What’s The Phrase, Wedding

79. Bloomberg Radio and Twitter #music

80. APP SHOW WINNERS – Vivino and Magic Piano

81. Gmail, SworKit Pro, PlugShare

82. Google+, ParkMe, Flame Painter

83. Hi Guess the Brand, Dots, and Stop Watch For Old People by Free App Company

84. Starbucks, Eat 24, National Geographic Cities

85. Hulu Plus, Voice Recorder Pro, Where’s my Summer?

86. Wordify, Ballston Bid, Brainwave Starter Kit

87. Clear, Infinity Blade II

88. Kickstarter, Live Phish, Cold War

89. Weather HD, 4 Pics 1 Song, Zagat

90. APP SHOW WINNERS – Magic Window Text Wrangler Vine

91. Fresh Books, Charity Miles, ScanBizCards

92. Block Path, Songza, Watch ESPN

93. Wunderlist, Yoga Studio, Remote File Manager

94. Where’s My Water 2, MX Elite, Color Zen

95. Connect Four Fun, Bands in Town, Screen Motion

96. Over, Bop it!, Redfin

97. Bitstrips, Argus, eVoice

98.  Just Wink, Lumosity, Room+

99. Heads Up Charades, Quell Memento, My Glass

100. APP SHOW WINNERS 80-90 – Starbucks, LivePhish, Wordify

APP WINNERS 1-100 – I’d Cap That, Last Pass, Uber

101. Get Around, Ski Safari, Clumsy Ninja

104. Pic Stich, TurboScan

105.  Seattle Seahawks / Denver Broncos, Duolingo, Scanner Radio Deluxe

106.  Paper – Stories from Facebook, Unroll Me, SwiftKey Note

107. Tech 411 Show, Help Me Fly, Taasky

108. QuizUP, Guess the 90’s, Alert ID Mobile

109. Smash Hit, 123D Catch

110. Teggle, EyeTV, Secret

111. March Madness Live, FireChat, 2048

112. Wordament, Relay Rides

113. Kinetic GPS, Symmetrain, Viber

114. Crazy Taxi, Piano Tiles, Watch TNT

115. Card Counter Free, HopStop Transit, VideoShop, and Survey Monkey

116. WhatsApp, Over, Repost, and BrushStroke

117. iCracked, Perfect 365, FIFA14

118. TwoDots, Prismatic, Bark Buddy

119.  Flashlight and Calculator

120. Runtastic, FlyWheel

121. Swell, Amazon App Store

122. MTailor, Google Analytics

123. TWIT Pro, 120 Sports

124. Google Apps for Business, Animoto

125. Belly, Fragment

126. Gif Keyboard by Riffsy, 7 Minute Workout

127. Drizly, RETRY

128. WhatisonNexflix.com, Yik Yak

129. Motorola Connect, Princess Story

130. SkyDroid – Golf GPS, The Houze AR

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