Keeping up with Todd & Oscar

Tech 411 has taken a break but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with Todd & Oscar and their latest projects!

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  • @toddmoore – Follow Todd Moore on Twitter for his latest posts about tech and various projects! He recently launched Playapod which is the best way to listen to podcasts on your mobile device!
  • @oscarradio – Follow Oscar Santana on Twitter for his latest projects! He recently launched Podcast Village for creating professional podcasts!


Todd and his company, TMSOFT, also runs the following websites, blogs, rss feeds, and social media pages.


  • – TMSOFT website that has every app and game created by Todd and his team.
  • – Todd Moore’s blog. It’s not updated often but when it is the articles are usually pretty interesting. Check out his popular articles on patent trolls, arcade machines, and water filters!
  •  – White Noise social network for sharing sounds. Thousands of sounds you can download for free!
  • – Playapod podcast app is the best way to listen to podcasts on mobile
  • – Todd’s box fan sound recording is the #1 streaming sound for sleep
  •  – How many total website is a great way to check statistics of text you are about to post and includes fixup tools for podcasters

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